What are you getting with this coaching bundle?

👉You have the option of purchasing a bundle of

  • (4) 60 minute coaching sessions or
  • (8) 60 minute sessions (for the price of 7)

💲 Super-awesome-bonus time! You get the 8 session bundle at the cost of 7! $250 off woot woot!💲

👉 One-on-one blog coaching.

👉 Coaching calls to strategically plan content that makes you money!

👉 The chance to ask your specific blog questions + get real answers!

👉 Kelly's eyeballs on your work - get real-time, actionable feedback on your blog!

👉 A knowledgeable and fun blog coach on a mission to see you succeed!

Ready to start taking your blog seriously (while still having fun, of course 🤪)?

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(4) Coaching with Kelly Calls

One-on-one coaching with Kelly!